I feel the energy of spring and the parched, drying days of summer at the same time. I'm returning to ritual to balance me.
What do we allow to be data? What is worthy of visualization?
The spirit of creativity does not move in those who stay frozen; momentum maintains flow.
Welcome to DATA + FEELINGS.
Fivey returns to teach you about cognitive science in my newest story.
A brief note on #1000wordsofsummer and a question about your creative practice.
Investigating a question that has been haunting me for months. With apologies to Alan Rickman and my parents.
Here's how.
So what am I going to do about it?
A work-in-progress personal catalog.
It's my newsletter and I'll use it for shameless self-promotion if I want to.
Consciously engaging with technology provokes a specific 90's kid brand of nostalgia.